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How good is merino? Real good...

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Here at Edward & Eve, we take a lot of pride in the quality of the merino we use. We source the best merino available from New Zealand and Australia to ensure the end product is of the highest standard. New Zealand and Australian merino is the best in the World and hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals in the cleaning, carding and dying process.

Merino has a natural wicking ability which draws moisture away from the body into the atmosphere, therefore keeping the body temperature stable and cosy – perfect for babies and toddlers. The merino fibre seems to have its own thermostat – to wear, it is warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Those sheep out in the high country never seemed to be distressed in the snow or the sunshine!

This amazing wicking property also means merino garments won’t feel damp as the result of spills or dribbles and is resistant to soiling – all helping to keep your baby’s merino garments as good as new.

Often merino will only need a few hours airing after wear as odours are not absorbed by this amazing fibre. However, when your garments do need refreshing there is no need to hand wash like other woollen products. Our merino is super easy to care for – machine washable and line dry. If needed merino can be dried in the dryer but please do ensure you use low heat to avoid any shrinkage.

This treatment ensures our merino products can be passed down and remain looking as good as the day they were purchased.

The superfine merino we use is gentle on delicate skin and will not cause any irritation. The merino fibre is ultra long, very flexible and silky smooth making it so comfortable to wear. The long fibre also eliminates any pilling. Pilling occurs when short fibres have been used, this applies to any fabric, and the fibres in the yarn become untwisted when subject to abrasion. Quality merino will never pill.

Right up there to match the fantastic qualities of merino is its sustainability – the merino fleece is renewed annually and grows with the help of sunshine, grass and water. When your baby’s merino garment has come to the end of its life and is sadly disposed of, the fibres will break down in the soil within a few years, releasing healthy nutrients back into the earth.

How good is merino? It breathes, is machine washable, durable, hypoallergenic, sustainable, fire retardant and so comfortable to wear – highly recommended for babies and children – merino is the perfect fibre!


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